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The bowling programme each year provides fixtures for all levels of playing ability, enabling members at county, club or beginner level to participate in matches to suit their requirements.


In particular, beginners will be encouraged to participate in friendly matches either within the club or against other clubs, when the prime objective will be the enjoyment of the game.

Young people are always welcome to try their hand at bowling. All equipment (including suitably sized bowls) are made available on request. Schools are invited to give their students the chance of a new experience by taking advantage of the facilities provided. In previous seasons, very positive feedback has been received from both teachers and students, expressing their enjoyment and interest during their time at the Club.

A social programme that complements the core activity of playing bowls is arranged to provide a yearly programme for those members who wish to participate, resulting in a range of activities that include something for all tastes.  Throughout the season, members meet on a weekly basis.  A Club AGM is held at the end of each outdoor season.

Great Torrington Primary School Visit 2022

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